FAQ - Explore Your Options

Q: Why is using a Payment Plan a good decision?
A: A payment plan lets you spread out the balance due to your school in even monthly installments, instead of paying the full amount at the start of a school year or semester. The only cost to participate is a low one-time plan enrollment fee. Best of all, there is no approval required to use a payment plan — everyone qualifies!

Q: Why should I combine a loan and a payment plan?
A: Making a payment plan for the foundation of your education financing plan allows you to minimize borrowing expense and keep your savings working for you, while paying monthly amounts that are affordable. Still need to borrow? Consider a low-interest Federal or private loan. To learn more, click here or call 888-216-4269 or 401-921-3999 (outside U.S. and Canada) to speak with an Education Payment Advisor.

Q: Do you have education loans available?
A: Low-interest Federal and private loans are available at many of our schools. You can even apply online for some of these products. To talk with one of our Education Payment Advisors, simply call 888-216-4269 at no cost and no obligation.