FAQ - Make A Payment

Q: What payment options are available for the Payment Plan?
A: Making your payment is simple. You may pay online or by phone with a checking account, statement savings account, or credit card. You may also sign up for our Automatic Payment Option and have your payments deducted from your checking or statement savings account. Customers that elect to receive paper bills may also mail their payments.

Q: Where do I mail a Payment Plan payment to?
A: If you were mailed a paper bill, you should mail your payment to the address shown on the payment coupon. If you do not have a payment coupon, mail your payment to:

  • Tuition Management Systems
    PO Box 645113
    Cincinnati, OH 45264-5113

To submit a payment via overnight mail, send it to:

  • Tuition Management Systems
    5065 Wooster Road
    Cincinnati, Ohio 45226

Please note — payments sent via overnight mail may take 24-48 hours after receipt to post to your account. For all payments, please include your TMS account number and the student's name on your check or money order.

Q: Are there any payment fees charged for making my payments?
A: For most payment options, no fees are charged. You can avoid payment fees if you pay by mail, use our Automatic Payment Option, or have your payment deducted from your checking or statement savings account online at afford.com or by phone using our Automated InfoLine at 800-463-6994 or 401-921-3999 (outside U.S. and Canada). If you make a payment through an Education Payment Advisor in our Customer Care Center, a $10.00 payment fee may apply. In addition, if you pay by credit card a convenience fee of 2.99% of the payment amount (minimum $1.00 fee) may be charged depending on the school you attend. Any payment or convenience fees will be disclosed to you at the time you make your payment.1

Q: Why should I use the Pay In Full option?
A: Why wait in line at your school to make your payment when you can use our Pay In Full option? Depending on the payment options offered by your school, you may have your payment deducted directly from your checking or statement savings account, or use your credit card. Please note — you may be charged a convenience fee when making a credit card payment. Any convenience fee will be disclosed at the time you make your payment.