Educate Card

The educatecard Discover® Prepaid Card*, (the "prepaid card") is the quickest and easiest way for you to receive refunds from your school. It's reloadable and can be used to access cash at ATMs or banks, or to make a wide variety of purchases. It is not a credit card, so you cannot spend more than what is in the card account, and no interest is charged on purchases.

  • Why choose the prepaid card for a refund or for payments from your school?
    • Immediate Access to Funds: While you still have the option of requesting ACH or a paper check for refunds, the customized prepaid card provides immediate access to funds as soon as they are released by your school. There are no delays related to ACH or check processing, no waiting for checks to arrive in the mail, and no need to wait in line at school or at the bank.
    • Flexibility: Use the prepaid card not only to get access to cash at ATMs nationwide, but also to make purchases anywhere a Discover debit card is accepted — for meals, books, retail shops, even for travel!
    • Reloadable: The prepaid card is reloadable, so a parent, guardian, family member or even a friend may load funds directly to the card. You may also have paychecks from employers deposited directly into your prepaid card account.
    • Bill Pay (Available Fall 2015): Never miss a bill payment again! Use your prepaid card account to schedule automatic payments to various billers, from utility companies to your landlord - anyone you choose.
    • Card to Card Transfer: Share funds with other school classmates who also have an educatecard Discover® Prepaid Card. Simply go to your online options section under Send or Request money!
    • Rewards: Earn rewards points when you use your card to make a qualifying purchase at over 8,000 national ScoreMore™ retailers. Redeem your points for gift cards, movie tickets, travel and more. Login and go to Rewards to learn more about the ScoreMore™ Rewards program.
  • What kind of school refunds can be loaded directly to your card?

    Examples can include:

    • Financial Aid awards
    • Scholarship awards
    • Dropped or cancelled courses
    • Credit balances after application of waivers or exemptions

    Federal law requires that tuition-related refunds be sent to the registered student.

  • Do I have to have a pending refund to get a prepaid card?

    No. While the prepaid card is the quickest and most convenient way to receive school refunds or other payments from your school, any active student can request a card for accessing cash and making purchases. And once you have your card, any future refunds or disbursements can be loaded automatically.

  • Can I access cash with the prepaid card?

    Yes. You can access cash by using a participating ATM or by visiting a local bank for over the counter cash withdrawals. The amount of accessible cash is limited to the funds available on the card. Other restrictions, such as ATM daily withdrawal maximums, may apply. Search for ATMs now:

  • How are funds loaded to the prepaid card?

    Funds can be loaded to your card in a variety of ways.

    • Refunds and other payments from your school are sent directly to the prepaid card account once the option is selected and funds are released by your school.
    • Paychecks can be direct deposited into the prepaid card account as long as an employer offers a direct deposit option.
    • Funds can be loaded at any Western Union® merchant.
    • How to reload with Western Union® Reload:

      1. Look for the Western Union® Reload Western Union Reload symbol on the door, kiosk, or cash register at participating stores.
      2. Get the receipt and go! You will have immediate access to funds upon approval by the card provider.

      Western Union® Reload Locations: (check the box for WU® Reload+ (Prepaid Services))

  • What kind of purchases can be made with the prepaid card?

    The prepaid card can be used at any retailer that accepts Discover® debit cards, at restaurants, online, on campus for books, meals, even for travel. Some restrictions may apply. For example, because it is not a credit card and is limited to available funds, using the prepaid card for gas may require paying a cashier directly.

  • What types of fees are associated with the prepaid card?

    We believe the prepaid card is student friendly when it comes to fees. There are NO fees assessed for the following:

    • Monthly maintenance or minimum balances
    • Point of sale signature or pin purchases
    • ATM withdrawal fees at the surcharge free ATMs listed above
    • Rewards program
    • Card to Card Transfer
    • Linking existing bank accounts and sending money
    • Having a sponsor link and send money to your card
    • Direct deposits

    For the most current complete list of fees that may be assessed while using this card, please click on the Terms and Conditions link within the Payment Method Selection page when registering for your refund disbursement method.

  • Is this a credit card?

    No. This is a Prepaid Card and only allows the user to make purchases using funds that are currently available, so there is no risk of building debt and being charged related interest costs.

  • Does the prepaid card expire?

    The prepaid card is good for four (4) years from the date it is issued.

*educatecard Discover® Prepaid Card is issued by Sutton Bank, Member FDIC. Terms and conditions apply. See cardholder agreement for details. Discover and the Discover Acceptance mark are service marks used by Sutton Bank under license from Discover Financial Services. Privacy Notice